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Aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive treatments and surgeries in Switzerland, Zurich, Geneva, Lausanne, Montreux, Lucerne, Basel, Ticino

Plastic surgery is a surgical subspecialty concerned with reconstructive surgery, in other words the treatment of accident-related deformities, congenital malformations or the removal of tumours, while cosmetic surgery is concerned with corrections of appearance without an actual disease being present.

Breast enlargements and reductions, dermabrasion with laser procedures, facelifts, liposuction, rhinoplasty (correction of the shape of the nose), the creation of missing ears and eyelid lifts, body lifts, tummy tucks are among the most common procedures.

The underlying principle of the Swiss plastic surgeons is “not to overdo it,” ie, conduct the operation so that one could not guess that the operation took place. They will only notice that the patient looks younger or freshened, and most importantly, it looks natural. The combination of the most modern techniques of European plastic surgery with postoperative procedures (lymphatic drainage) can achieve the best results, accelerate healing and minimize post-operative recovery period. Cosmetic surgery in Europe, particularly in Switzerland is the best solution to the problems with the appearance and health. European plastic surgery is on the highest level and offers all types of plastic surgery. We know the strengths of the various European and Swiss plastic surgeons and always advise the best specialist for each patient depending on their individual characteristics and preferences.

If the patient still doubts on choosing a surgeon, we can arrange preliminary consultations with various specialists in plastic surgery. The first consultation will allow the plastic surgeon to understand the motives and wishes of his patient, and explain to him the course and duration of the operation and the potential risk of complications. then will follow a medical examination in order to determine the type of anaesthesia for each patient individually. It may be necessary to add additional exams: radiography or scanner, magnetic resonance imaging.

Cosmetic surgery in Europe, namely in Switzerland – it means optimal results in terms of professionalism, safety, and careful attention to customers.

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