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The Swiss Ablation team is specialized in the treatment of heart diseases and arrythmias. They are specialized in finding, counselling and treating all common arrythmias. In addition to this minimally invasive cardiac surgery, complex electrophysiology, and surgical ablation in connection with atrial fibrillation are core competencies fo the specialized team.

In the heart clinic in Zurich,

Swiss Heart Clinic in Zürich

Swiss Heart Clinic in Zürich

everything revolves around your heart and the heart rhythm. The core competence lies in the treatment atrial fibrillation, such as may occur in previously treated patients after one or more catheter ablations. However, patients for whom such catheter ablation is not an option also benefit from clinic’s new treatment concept. From diagnosis to treatment (surgery), you are in the right place in this clinic.

In the center will be offered the full spectrum of modern cardiology, also performing invasive procedures and operations in the new hybrid operating room. Most modern technologies with noninvasive mapping, 3D invasive mapping, newest ablation technologies and much more. Aftercare following surgery is provided by a team of highly specialized physicians and nurses. If inpatient treatment is necessary, you will be referred to a hospital in Zurich, where the doctors practice freely as affiliated physicians. This is to ensure a very personal and high quality, exceptional treatment.

The Chef Doctor

Prof. Dr. Sacha Salzberg

Prof. Dr. Sacha Salzberg

Prof. Dr. Salzberg is internationally acclaimed for his experience in the field of surgical atrial fibrillation ablations. He is a fully accomplished minimally invasive heart surgeon, with his strong academic background in cardiac arrythmias, he is the founder of Swiss Ablation.

The specialized electrophysiologist, Dr. Thomas Zerm is a very experienced cardiologist, and leads one of the largest electrophysiology centers in Europe. He is the lead physician for electrophysiology and is a pioneer of ambulatory (same day discharge) invasive cardiology procedures.

The team is small but utmost efficient which has been working together for a longtime and have a very broad experience. With little bureaucracy and in direct cooperation with the referring physicians, the team can determine the optimal treatment for all patients individually and hold us to a very high standard.

For the patient, the importance of the team, is clear. Each case is discussed with not only in the main team, but, if necessary, outside information is collected, via other medical specialties, in order to come up with the clearest, most objective, manner with which each patient’s case should be handled. The patient can relax in the knowledge that he is in the best, most capable hands, and the treatment proposed is the best suited for him /her. This assurance is most comforting when confronted with sometimes life-threatening situations. You can trust these doctors, and Prof. Salzberg and his team have earned this trust over, and over again.

There are many ways to deal with all sorts of heart conditions. Whether first with medications, a catheter, or surgery, Swiss Ablation is the reference center for specialist heart care in Switzerland.

Mainly offered ambulant treatments:

Heart Check-ups in Zurich

Heart Check-ups in Zurich

  • Cardioversion with TEE
  • Pacemaker
  • Defibrillator
  • Ablations
  • Loop Recorder
  • Cardiac catheter
  • PCI
  • electrophysiological examination without ablation
  • echocardiography and ergometry
    and more…


Ideally located in the city center of Zurich. Therefore, you can combine your treatment with amazing sightseeing possibilities of beautiful Zurich.

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