Private Clinic Bethanien- Zurich

Clinic Bethanien

With over 240 accredited doctors from a range of different specialties, the private clinic Bethanien offers a broad spectrum of services

Clinic Bethanien-Zurich

Clinic Bethanien-Zurich

You can be assured that you are in good hands in the clinic Bethanien in Zurich. First-rate medical support and care, skilled nursing, excellent hotel services, conscientiousness and absolute discretion are understood for us. With some 240 accredited doctors from a range of different specialties, the private clinic Bethanien offers a broad spectrum of services. Each year we treat more than 4700 inpatients and day care patients.

The private clinic Bethanien is situated in a prime location in the Zurichberg district with a wonderful view over Lake Zurich and the city. You can rely on our experience and expertise. We will arrange your stay professionally and confidentially just as you wish – because your health is a precious commodity that is at the heart of everything we do.

Over 240 accredited hospital-affiliated doctors, the private clinic Bethanien can offer a wide range of medical services. The well-trained members of staff are committed to the sensitive care of patients. The well-being of patients is paramount.

You will feel yourselves at home

You will feel yourselves at home

Constant in-service training helps us to maintain high quality standards. Continuity in the development of the next generation of staff is guaranteed by the training of apprentices.

Some 3600 surgical procedures are carried out annually in the five operating theatres in the private clinic Bethanien. All procedures are performed following extensive diagnostic investigations, if necessary with the involvement of other specialists.

The procedures meet the highest quality and hygiene standards. Round-the-clock care ensures that patients’ needs can be met and that they know they are always in safe hands.

Rooms with a view
The Private clinic Bethanien houses 96 beds. Our rooms are extremely comfortable and equipped with all necessary technical requirements. The beautiful location with its view over the city of Zurich and Lake Zurich contributes to a unique atmosphere in the Private clinic Bethanien and promotes rapid healing and recovery.

Junior suites and suites
The junior suites and suites in the Private clinic Bethanien are designed to meet the needs of discerning patients from home and abroad. Finely furnished and equipped with the latest technical facilities, they offer an environment for special care.

Most offered Treatments

The list goes on. Please let us know about your needs so that we organise all tailor-made for you.

Ideally located in the city center of Zurich. Therefore, you can combine your treatment with amazing sightseeing possibilities of beautiful Zurich. The clinic is only 15 minutes away from Zurich Airport.

Additional Services
We will be pleased to help you for your hotel reservation, airport transfers, translation services, visa invitations or any other kind of special needs.

Interested? Questions? Please contact us now.


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