Calda Clinic- Addiction treatments in Switzerland

Calda Clinic- psychological rehabilitation – Addiction treatments

The corporation specializes in rehabilitation programs for psychological health. The unique success-proven CALDA concept, the international medical team and the network of highly qualified experts guarantee customised precision medicine and an individual 1:1 premium care.


The specialists from the areas of psychiatry, psychotherapy, orthomolecular medicine, alternative and complementary medicine as well as from preventive-, better aging- and lifestyle medicine, work without psychotropic drugs whenever possible. Instead, methods from integrative medicine take the organism back to the desired balance.

During the entire inpatient stay, which usually takes at least 4 weeks, our team accompanies the clients empathically, discrete and professionally on their path to a happy, liberated and healthy life, in safe and luxurious, private surroundings.

Integrative medicine in the service of psychiatry leads to new promising treatment strategies for phenomena like trauma, addiction, depression etc.

Psychological diseases do not only cause mental and physical pain but are also a threat to personal freedom. In many cases, the aftereffects of traumas limit the ability to act of those affected and lead to devastating dependencies. Currently, efforts are made to no longer classify psychiatric diseases by specific categories, but to summarize them by their spectrum of symptoms. The reason for this is that treating only the tip of the iceberg, the acute symptoms respectively does not prove to be effective and does not do justice to the individual in their entirety.

The greatest challenge in state-of-the-art psychiatry lies in consequently personalising the medical treatment. In order to elaborate individual therapy programmes, new paths need to be followed.

Psychiatry has to open up to the entire established medical world. The combination of field-tested and scientifically profound methods from conventional medicine, complementary medicine and Asian medicine in many cases leads to extraordinary results within short time. One of the keys to this success is, that these methods are summarised into personalised and holistic concepts by including the most current molecular and epigenetic insights.
This insight caused us to develop the CALDA concept. The CALDA concept includes new treatment strategies to overcome phenomena like trauma, addiction, stress, aging etc. The core of the concept is the advanced and deepened diagnostic system, the interpretation of results through an interdisciplinary team of experts and the development of personal, creative treatment strategies, which revert to all proven recipes taken from integrative medicine.

The main attitude towards the common practice of psychiatry of uncritically and sometimes hastily prescribing psychotropic drugs is a critical one. Therefore, the clinic initially stops medication as far as possible to see what is underlying.

The personal service team consists of the Client Service Director, the interpreter, the butler who cares for the client around the clock, 7 days- 24 hours,  the chef who besides Haute Cuisine enjoys to fulfil wishes and cooks according to the medical instructions as well as a chauffeur and limousine that are available at any time.

Treatments in discretion is our promise

Treatments in discretion is our promise

The security and discretion dispositive is based on the following obligations and measures:

– The medical team is bound to the obligation of medical secrecy. (Swiss Penal Code article 321, Health Law article 27 and 28)

– All internal and external staff members sign a code of conduct, which obliges them to complete discretion to third-parties. The careful selection, respectful treatment and good remuneration of all team members contribute to performance of duties in the best possible way.

– As the clients are self-payers no records at third parties like health insurance systems are kept

– The electronic correspondence is encrypted by an IT security concept.

– The VIP pick-up service guarantees anonymity.

– Every client is free to appear under their own name or under an alias.

– The medical records are kept encrypted and closed.

– The domicile of the clients remains confidential to third-parties. Clients reach the elevator to their private rooms directly from the garage.

Most offered Treatments

  • borderline personality disorder
  • Polytoxicomania
  • Marihuana addiction
  • Cocaine addiction
  • Alcohol addiction
  • Eating disorders such as binge eating, bulimia, anorexia
  • Mood disorders such as bipolar disorders, dysthymia, depression
  • Burnout- burnout prevention- burnout treatment
  • Stress disorders such as PTSD- acute stress disorder
  • Postpartum depression

The list goes on. Please let us know about your needs so that we organise all tailor-made for you.

Dr. med. Claudia M. Elsig- Medical Specialist for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy and CEO of the clinic

The location:

The clinic is located right in the centre for state-of-the-art medicine in Switzerland, at the so-called Gold Coast on the right lakeside of Lake Zurich. Zurich downtown can be reached within 10 minutes by car and the airport Zurich-Kloten is within 30 minutes driving distance.

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