Hotel Accomodation

hotel reservations during your treatment in Switzerland

Next to organising your treatment in Switzerland, we can offer you also the following services:

  • During your stay in Switzerland, we will ensure that you and your relatives have suitably comfortable accommodation for the duration of your stay.
  • If your trip revolves around diagnostic testing or outpatient treatment, we will suggest a range of elite hotels to suit your taste and needs.
  • If your treatment requires an extended stay (for example, the post-natal), we will help you to rent a high quality villa, house or apartment.

Visa Invitations

helping with visa applications

We will help you with your visa issues.

Interpreter Services

Interpreter Services

Transfer Services

VIP tranfer services for your stay in Switzerland

Not keen on English?

No Problem.

We can offer interpreter services almost in all

common languages.

Some of our hospitals are picking you up from the airport even for free. Let us just know how we can help you.

Interested? Questions? Please contact us now.

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