Medical Treatments in Switzerland

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Switzerland has one the best medicine clinics, treatment in the world.

Nestled in the heart of Europe, Switzerland boasts one of the best healthcare systems. Despite the benefits of the Swiss healthcare sector, being abroad, handling medical care may be very difficult.

In such situations, we will make sure that you can rely on one highly competent and local single point of contact. Our excellent health care services organize and provide access to the best possible medical treatment for you and family.

We will offer and organize the best medical treatment available in Switzerland.

You will be impressed by the outstanding quality of medical services and high-tech medical equipment of the last generation. University and private clinics with reputable professors/doctors are taking care on clients.

The level of medical services and technology at Swiss clinics is extremely high. Cooperation between different clinics and the state hospitals allows clinics to offer the patients the full range of advanced medicine and technology. Swiss private clinics are equally competent in specialised spheres such as heart surgery, neurosurgery and oncology.

We offer you a top-quality service and make everything possible to ensure that your course of treatment runs smoothly – from planning through to recovery. Whatever your wishes and needs, we strive to exceed your expectations because we believe this is the best way to enable you to focus completely on your health.

Medical Treatments in Switzerland
Medical Treatments in Switzerland

Mainly asked services:
•    Review of medical documents
•    Upon request, contacting the physician under whose care you had previously been treated
•    Review of your medical information by a panel of experts
•    Advance clarification of medical treatments, stays at medical rehabilitation centers, check-ups and second opinions of diagnoses
•    Evaluation of top physicians and clinics
•    Preparation of a preliminary treatment plan including cost estimate
•    Upon agreement, arranging all scheduled doctors‘ appointments
•    Take care of all entry and exit formalities, including visas
•    Arrange flights, transportation and hotel accommodation
•    Personal and competent support during consultations with physicians
•    Assist you in the case of unforeseen events during your stay
•    Interpreter and translation services
•    Tourist events and attractions made available to you and your companions
•    Contact and exchange of information with your care provider following your return home.

Excellent nursing care is a major component of a successful medical treatment. Swiss hospitals are known for their friendly and highly qualified nursing personnel. Prominent individuals from all over the world have also long appreciated the fact that Switzerland is a byword for discretion.

Swiss- Quality

The country spends about 10 percent of its GDP on health, placing Switzerland near the top of OECD countries for medical expenditures. This considerable investment means the country possesses a wealth of medical facilities employing the latest technology, as well as one of the world’s lowest patient-to-doctor ratios. The high level of health care in Switzerland comes at a cost – everyone living in the country is required to have basic health insurance.
Switzerland is famous worldwide for the exceptional quality of its hospitals and rehabilitation facilities. For example, the pacemaker was invented in Switzerland and the cervical cancer vaccination was developed here.

Patients from all over the globe value the political stability and security of Switzerland as well as its smooth-running infrastructure, its peace and quiet and its stunning scenery.

Switzerland has great medical potential and offers patients a broad selection of medical services and technologies. The public health system employs around 300,000 people, making medicine one of the most powerful sectors of the country’s economy. Special attention is paid to the development of new medical technologies and their use in modern medicine. According to the WHO, the Swiss public health services system is one of the best and most effective in the world.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your medical concerns. We are happy to assist you with our full-fledged services from A to Z.

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